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Create IFTTT applet

The air-Q applet for IFTTT is available under the following URL: https://ifttt.com/air_q


  1. Login via https://ifttt.com/login
  2. Open https://ifttt.com/air_q and click on “Create”

3. Create applet, click on “Add”

4. Select sensor to be monitored with other devices

5. In the following example the noise sensor in the living room should send us a mail when the volume is above 40db – for this we create the air-Q applet as shown on the screenshot

6. For this example the “Then That” is still missing – so what should happen when the volume value is above 40 – for testing we let it send us by mail. So we look for the Gmail applet and let it send us a mail itself, while the texts themselves can be modified and any “Ingredients” can be added.

7. In the end it should look like this

8. By clicking on “Continue” and “Finish” the applet is switched active, as soon as the value is exceeded, we then receive a mail that looks like this:

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