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How do I set the configuration router?

The configuration of the air-Q is also possible via a so-called configuration router. Any router with Internet access can function as a configuration router, whose network settings are set to these values:

SSID (displayed name): airq-setup_nomap WiFi-Password: airqsetup

The network can be configured in two ways:

1. the smartphone as a hotspot (the fastest way)

With your smartphone, you can easily set up a hotspot with the above settings. Here are the instructions for Android and iOS: Android iOS

2. Via Router

Depending on the manufacturer of your router, this setting is made differently. With the Fritzbox (AVM), for example, the configuration can be done via the page http://fritz.box/, with other manufacturers this is either an IP address (scheme http://192.168.x.y/, as in the home network) or another web address (scheme http://router.xyz/). The IP address or address of the configuration page can either be found in the manual for the router or it is printed as a sticker on the device itself. Simply enter the above settings and the air-Q will automatically connect to this network.

air-Qs that have not yet been configured – i.e. where the lower two LEDs are still yellow (no internal configuration file and no userconfig.json on SD card) – connect to this WLAN automatically. The air-Qs that connect to the configuration router automatically log into the air-Q Cloud. The devices can then be added to an online account and configured online. It is then not necessary to use the air-Q smartphone app to set up the air-Q (connect to a WLAN, set password, etc.).

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