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How are the health, performance and virus indices calculated?

Health Index

The Health Index is based on the limit values of the Federal Environment Agency, the WHO and the so-called Vienna Health Index. The air-Q Health Index is always calculated from the “worst” measured value from all measured variables at a certain point in time. If, for example, an elevated particulate matter value leads to a 20 % reduction and a high nitrogen dioxide value justifies a 30 % reduction in health, the health index is calculated as follows: 100 % – 30 % (nitrogen dioxide value) = 70 %.

Performance Index

The calculation of the performance index is based on a different, cumulative method, which is based on recent studies by various research institutions that have analysed the performance degradation of certain air pollutants. For example, if a high level of carbon dioxide in the air results in a 20% performance penalty and a high temperature results in a 10% penalty, the performance index is calculated as follows: 100% – 20% (CO₂ discount) – 10% (temperature discount) = 70%.

Virus Index

he virus index can be activated in the settings under the item “Advanced settings” and is used to display a potential virus load (aerosol load) in the air. Here, the increase in carbon dioxide concentration (CO2) is used as the main indicator. The virus index functions according to the same principle as the other indices, i.e. 100 % correspond to no viral load, while, for example, 25 % correspond to a fairly high load. Furthermore, all the already familiar display options are available to the virus index: LED themes and acoustic alarm on the device itself, as well as push and email notifications via the free cloud.

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