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How exactly does the integration into FHEM work?

The air-Q can be integrated into FHEM in two different ways: Either you use a configuration file to send the measurement data to the MQTT server integrated into FHEM (if it has been activated), or you can retrieve the data using a PHP script and decrypt it afterward. Both options are described below, making it easy for anyone already using FHEM as a smart home system to perform this.

Retrieve data via PHP script (no MQTT required)

  • Create the file getdata.php in any folder.
  • Fill the file as follows using Notepad++ or a similar program (e.g., VSCode), and adjust lines 2 and 3 according to your settings on the air-Q:
$password = "Ihr Gerätekennwort"; // config: set your air-Q password here
$airq = "http://IP-Adresse des air-Qs/data";  // config: use your own ip-adress

header('Access-Control-Allow-Origin: *'); 

function decrypt($msgb64,$password)
    $airqpass = $password;
	if (strlen($airqpass) < 32) {
		for ($i = strlen($airqpass); $i < 32; $i++) {
			$airqpass = $airqpass . '0';
	} else {
		if (strlen($airqpass) > 32) {
			$airqpass = substr($airqpass,0,32);

	$key = utf8_encode ($airqpass);
//	$cyphertext = base64_decode ($msgb64);
//	But with verly long messages there could be some problems in base64_decode
	$decoded = "";
	for ($i=0; $i < ceil(strlen($msgb64)/256); $i++)
	   $decoded = $decoded . base64_decode(substr($msgb64,$i*256,256));
	$cyphertext = $decoded;
	$iv = substr($cyphertext,0,16);
	$cyphertext = substr($cyphertext,16,strlen($cyphertext));
	$decrypted = openssl_decrypt($cyphertext, 'aes-256-cbc', $key, OPENSSL_RAW_DATA, $iv);
	return utf8_encode($decrypted);

$ch = curl_init(); 
curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_RETURNTRANSFER, 1); 
curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_URL, $airq); 
$output = curl_exec($ch);
header('Content-Type: application/json');
echo decrypt(json_decode($output, true)["content"],$password);

  • This PHP script can now be called within FHEM using the HTTPMOD function:
define airq_01_http HTTPMOD 300
attr airq_01_http enforceGoodReadingNames 1
attr airq_01_http extractAllJSON 2

This works only with the IP if FHEM and the PHP script are on the same server.

Note: If the error Error: Call to undefined function curl_init() occurs, it may be necessary to install PHP and PHP-Curl after the fact: sudo apt-get install curl sudo apt-get install phpX-curl

Sending data to the integrated MQTT server of FHEM

  • Create the file “userconfig.json” on your PC and populate it using an editor (e.g., Notepad++ or VSCode) as follows:
  "mqtt": {
    "device_id": "Ihre_selbsterdachte_Geraetenummer",
    "broker_URL": "192.168.x.y",
    "user": "Ihr_Nutzername",
    "password": "Ihr_Passwort",
    "port": 1883,
    "topic": "Ihr_Topic",
    "qos": 1,
    "keepalive": 10000,
    "averages": true,
    "delay": 120,
    "retain": false,
    "ssl": false
  • Afterwards, you can enter your personal configuration settings in lines 3 to 14 and copy/move the file to the root directory of the SD card in your air-Q.

Here is a guide and introduction to the MQTT service within FHEM: https://wiki.fhem.de/wiki/MQTT\

Example configuration files with enabled SSL are available upon request

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