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Is the air-Q suitable as a fire alarm / smoke detector?

Yes, in principle, the air-Q is suitable as a fire detector, as it can detect the substances produced by a fire, such as smoke (fine dust), nitrogen-dioxide and carbon dioxide as well as Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) precisely and quickly. In addition to a shrill alarm sound, a push message is also sent to the owner.

From a purely legal point of view, however, it cannot replace the usual smoke detectors. This is mainly due to the fact that the air analyser does not operate on a battery power supply and therefore cannot be attached to the wall or ceiling as prescribed. Apart from that, the air-Q is in no way inferior to an ordinary smoke detector.

Unlike conventional smoke detectors, however, the air-Q also measures carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides and VOC gases in addition to particulate matter levels. This enables early, reliable and much more precise detection of smoke development and avoids false alarms.

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