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How do I perform a manual calibration?

The air-Q can normally correct incorrect values automatically over the following days. However, a prerequisite for this is that the air-Q is in a clean environment, i.e. that it is ventilated regularly. One of the indicators we use here is the VOC value, which must fall below 700 ppb over a minimum period of time. If these indicators cannot be reached or can only be reached infrequently, the automatic calibration does not work well or fast enough.

This can be solved by a manual calibration (Device Setting: in the smartphone app under Dashboard -> Gear to the respective device / Settings -> Sensors -> Manual calibration).

If you have a reference instrument available, enter the measured value that the second instrument outputs in the input field. Caution: Any inaccuracies of the reference device will also be mirrored on the air-Q. Thus, depending on the sensor, the measured values may become less accurate. Alternatively, if you do not have a reference meter: Ventilate carefully (~10-15 min.) and then select the sensor to be calibrated in the app.

Please be sure to follow the instructions in the app for calibrating the respective sensor! The instruction provides the value to be set.

Please urgently use the latest firmware. This is possible in the app under Dashboard->Gear to the jewe. device->Update or via this way – article: “Manual update of the firmware“.

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