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The air-Q app does not find the air-Q in the WLAN network

Decisive for a diagnosis are the LED color codes, which you can read on the device. Please use this document. You can tell if the air-Q is already on a WLAN network by the LEDs at the bottom.

If the air-Q is not in the WLAN, please try the following:

  • As a test, place the device near the router to rule out reception problems.
  • Have you possibly mistyped the password for your WLAN? Please try resetting the air-Q again.
  • Is the WLAN possibly limited and only allows certain MAC addresses?
  • Please make sure that the air-Q and the smartphone/PC/notebook are in the same WiFi network as the air-Q.

Alternatively, you can also use the setup via the device website. This bypasses some problems that occur especially with older smartphones. The procedure is described in the instructions on page 8 or here

If the air-Q is on WiFi (i.e. the LEDs below are not orange or red) please try the following:

  • Is your WiFi limited? There are often problems in guest networks and when using repeaters. The air-Q needs full rights for the network so that the app and the air-Q can connect to each other via the IP address.
  • Another cause can be firewalls or other network restrictions that prevent direct communication with the air-Q. This also includes VPN connections or functions that prevent the devices from communicating in the WLAN network (e.g. selectable with the Fritz!Box).
  • In rare cases with exotic routers, the mDNS service does not work correctly. In this case, the IP address of the air-Q in the WLAN must be entered manually in the app (to be found under Add device – via IP)

Please also note the following article:

* Which ports do I have to open in my firewall?

When the device is then in the WLAN, it appears in the dashboard of the smartphone app automatically.

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