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The air-Q is not starting anymore / LEDs remain off. Is it broken?

If the air-Q is connected to the power and no LEDs light up, the following causes are possible:

  1. Check the cable and power supply, and try a different power supply and cable.
  1. LEDs brightness is set to the lowest level or night mode is active. –> Please press the button at the bottom of the device briefly (approx. 1 second). Do the LEDs light up then? If so, then the brightness is set too low. You can correct this in the settings in the app in the basic settings as well as in the settings for night mode. If you no longer have access to the device, e.g. you have forgotten your password or the air-Q’s WLAN is deactivated, please reset the air-Q and set it up again. Measurement data is not lost with a soft reset. (This is how the device reset works)
  2. Disconnect air-Q from power and remove micro SD card. Then reconnect the device to the power supply. If the air-Q then starts, the micro SD card is damaged or was not inserted correctly before. Please insert micro SD card correctly or format / replace.
  3. The internal battery has lost contact briefly, e.g. due to a knock or fall. The following procedure will help here:
    • Switch off the air-Q and flip the maintenance switch (see picture below) so that it points away from the micro SD card. (For the first revision of the air-Q (2022 an before), the switch is inside the housing – in this case, move it away from the battery).
    • Reconnect power. The air-Q should now start normally – please let it run for 5 minutes.
    • Switch off the air-Q again, switch the maintenance switch back to the micro SD card and connect the device to the power supply.

If the problem persists, the battery is exhausted and must be replaced. Please do not replace the battery as a precaution! Normally, the internal battery lasts longer than 5 years.

If the air-Q does not start with the above steps, please contact us.

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