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The air-Q is not starting anymore

When the air-Q is connected to the power, no more LEDs light up. The following causes are possible:

  1. Check cable and power supply unit and test using a different power supply unit.
  1. LEDs Brightness is set to lowest level or night mode is active.

–> Please reset the device so that the LEDs are back to the default brightness and the settings for night mode are deleted.

Tutorial – Softreset of the air-Q
  1. The internal battery is exhausted, has fallen out or was briefly removed. Simply reinserting the battery does not provide a solution here.

 –Please carefully switch the maintenance switch at the bottom of the air-Q to the position away from the SD card as a test. Then start the device please follow these instructions: The battery of the device has fallen out or needs to be replaced – what can I do?

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