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Why do air-Qs display different readings even though they are in the same room?

It may happen that two air-Qs located in the same room show different readings for some sensors. This indicates that the calibration of the sensor modules is different.

Cause: The devices were probably previously in different environments or were not running continuously. This led to the fact that the continuous automatic calibration in the air-Q could not yet be completed. In general, air-Q should be regularly in a fixed location so that the (electrochemical) sensors can adjust to the individual room climatic conditions.

Solution: After the automatic calibration is complete, the readings of the air-Qs will align.

In certain cases, it may be necessary to perform a manual calibration – e.g. if the automatic calibration cannot be completed or is taking too long. The reason for this is that the air in the room is constantly too polluted (the indicator here is the VOC value, which should regularly fall below 700 ppb).

Special case VOC sensor: The VOC sensor is a sum value for various substances (over 100 substances and chemicals in total). The VOC sensor in the air-Q is calibrated to ethanol.

It can happen that the measured values of two VOC sensors are output slightly differently. This is due to the different sensitivities of the VOC sensors to different substances (in addition to the ethanol calibrated in the same way). In practice, however, the air always consists of a mixture of gases, which is why the measured values output may differ.

If you find the differences annoying, you can equalize the two measured values. Use the calibration function in the smartphone app and Settings [Gear on the dashboard] -> Sensors -> Calibration.

Calibrate the higher displayed value to the low VOC reading of the second air-Q.

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