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Why does my air-Q show high particulate matter values?

The fine dust sensors are very sensitive to even the smallest changes in particles and fine dust changes. 

The causes of high particulate matter levels are manifold. Often, fine dust is generated outdoors, e.g. by pollen, traffic, industry or agriculture, or even Sahara dust, which is carried to Germany by the wind. Indoors, frying and baking or fireplaces and candles are possible sources of particulate matter.

Very high humidity can falsify the displayed measured values for fine dust. The reason is that the smallest water droplets are identified as fine dust by the fine dust sensor. However, this can only happen at very high relative humidities from 80-90% – i.e. close to the condensation point (dew point).

When the air-Q is placed in the bathroom, you can easily observe this effect.

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