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Why does the VOC value in the air-Q give such a high value?

The VOC sensor is extremely sensitive and reacts to substances such as ethanol (the air-Q is calibrated for this), alcohol, formaldehyde, octane, toluene, acetone, acetaldehyde and cleaning agents in general, but also harmless substances such as decomposition substances from plants or combustible gases such as methane.

In a well-ventilated room, values between 100 and 500 ppb (parts per billion) should occur. In frequented rooms or rooms with basic pollution, the measured value quickly rises to 1,000 to 5,000 ppb.

In extreme cases, the VOC reading can also rise far above this – e.g. if an alcohol-based disinfectant has been used or if there is methane in the air – the VOC sensor reacts extremely strongly to this.

The VOC sensor has its own algorithm that ensures continuous calibration. Therefore, a separate calibration is only necessary in a few exceptional cases. This can be the case if the reported VOC value consistently shows very high or low values, e.g. 50,000 ppb or 0 ppb.

Even if the sensor does not drop to 100-500 ppb in the ventilated room, a manual calibration can be useful. Use the calibration function in the smartphone app and settings [gear wheel on the dashboard] –> Calibration. Procedure: Your air-Q must be in a very well-ventilated room for at least 5-10 minutes. Please only start the process when you have ventilated and then returned to normal room temperature. Then set the calibration value to 300 ppb. Attention: The calibration cannot be undone!

In general, we advise against performing your own calibration if there is no urgent reason and no second reference is available, as this cannot be reversed with the VOC sensor.

In winter, the values can often be higher, as the temperature means that ventilation is not as frequent. If the high VOC value is disturbing, the LED theme on the air-Q can be changed (Settings –> General settings). Alternatively, the room type can be set to “medical facility” (Settings –> General settings). In this case, the VOC value is no longer taken into consideration in the air-Q Health Index and air-Q Performance Index.

Note: How do I perform a manual calibration?

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