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How to mount the air-Q on a wall?

The air-Q can be attached to our specially adapted wall mount to save space and present it stylishly. This is available from our store. The following steps:

  1. Place the wall bracket on the wall with the holes facing the wall (see red marking in the diagram) and place a spirit level lengthwise on top of it instead of the air-Q.
  2. Now align the bracket until the spirit level indicates that it is exactly level and use a pencil to mark the two screw holes on the wall through the bracket.
  3. Next, instead of the points, the holes can be drilled in the wall and provided directly with dowels, and then the wall bracket can be screwed to the wall with the screws (marked in red in the diagram).
  4. In the next step, plug the USB power cable into the air-Q. Now align the device so that the power cable points in the desired direction and place it in the cable guide between the housing and the wall mount. The cable can also be routed behind the air-Q. For this purpose, the cable must be routed between the air-Q and the wall mount BEFORE screwing.
  5. Now place the air-Q on the wall mount and screw it from below. The last picture shows the screws schematically (wall screw is shown in red, the one in the device in green). a.) When upgrading older air-Qs without an additional screw hole, please unscrew the housing screws beforehand and use these screw holes. Attention: in this case do not overtighten the screw for the bracket! b.) Newer housing models have two open screw holes on the bottom side of the device. Please use these if possible.
Before the air-Q is screwed to the wall mount, the cable should be attached. It can either be laid in the cable duct, which the wall mount then covers and additionally protects the cable, or it is connected from behind. If the cable is to run horizontally along the side of the wall, the cable shaft is the better choice. If the cable is to run vertically or have an individual direction, it is better to lay the cable to the rear during installation.

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